The Order of the Holy Cross


The Order of Canons Regular of the Holy Cross (ORC) is a contemplative and active community. We live a life dedicated to the sacred liturgy, adoration, contemplation and ministry in communion with the holy Angels. The consecration to the holy Angels gives a special mark on our religious life. We are a community of priests and brothers.
The coat of arms of the Order shows the essential characteristics of our spirituality: The Cross, the Lord in the Holy Eucharist, with Mary and the holy Angels.

The ORC forms one spiritual family in the Opus Angelorum with the Sisters of the Holy Cross, Mission Helpers of the Holy Cross and the faithful who join the Opus Angelorum.


1. A Life of Adoration

In communion with the Angels we adore God especially through solemn liturgy and daily Eucharistic adoration.







2. Contemplation of God's mysteries

The Word of God is our fountain and strength: daily we ponder with the help of the holy Angels the mysteries of God and meditate it like Mary – for our community is entirely Marian.





3. Expiation for the sins of the world

Every week we accompany the Lord in His Passion: on Thursday evening and Friday afternoon, we join our prayers, sacrifices and fasting with His suffering, for the salvation of souls. We pray especially for the priests and religious.
Thus, we want to console Jesus like the Angel did and follow His invitation: “Come and watch with Me!” (cf. Mt 26:38)


4. Mission in communion with the angels
Like the holy Angel and together with them, we are sent by the Lord to serve in the work of salvation.


Promotion of the Opus Angelorum

In our apostolate, we bring people closer to Christ also through linking them with their holy Angels. We promote the devotion to the holy Angels and the spirituality of the Opus Angelorum (Work of the Holy Angels), usually by means of talks at days of recollection and retreats.

Priestly Formation
Our great concern is the help for the priests. In Brazil, we have an Institute for the formation of seminarians. We assist priests and religious who need spiritual help.

Pastoral Ministry

In the Order of the Holy Cross, we work also in parishes and assume different ministries according to the needs of the local Church.
We are flexible in our tasks and missions like the Angels and are ready to be sent anywhere where God wants us to serve Him and the community needs us.