ORC Presentation

Vocation to Religious Life

Order of Canons Regular of the Holy Cross




“Love for the Cross, Eucharistic, Entirely Marian, in union with the holy Angels”




“Follow Me!” remains the most exiting invitation of God, and maybe you hear it in your heart. Now it is up to you to stand up and say: “Here I am!”

We would be happy to assist you in your vocation discernment by discovering the will of God in your life. If you are a man between 18-35 years of age and living an active Christian life in the Catholic Church, hearing a call from God to surrender yourself totally to His service, the Brothers of the Holy Cross want to help you to realize the dream of God for you. We believe that God has a place and a work for you in the Catholic Church, and the holy Angels will guide you to its fulfillment.

The journey in our Order with your brothers and your holy Angel is through the guest period (aspirancy), postulancy and novitiate to the goal of a total dedication to God in the profession of the evangelical counsels. In our formation program, the spiritual formation (prayer and spirituality) takes an important role.

The Guest Period (Aspirancy)

When God calls you to our Order through His providence you can contact us. We will help you firstly to know our spirituality, because only the spirituality will you make feel at home with us. At a certain time we invite you to visit our formation house and spend a period of discernment to know the will of God.

Once you are admitted to our formation house, after your initial visit, we will assist you to know more yourself and to deepen your knowledge about our Lord Jesus especially through Eucharistic adoration, contemplation and the Passio Domini. During this time you will be asked to participate in our daily communal activities to experience our life as religious. The time frames for this phase of formation are handled flexibly.

Here in the Philippines, we have several months of aspirancy followed by at least one year of postulancy. Our formation house (St. Raphael’s Priory) is situated in the beautiful nature of Candelaria, Zambales where we offer a good place for a vocation to grow in silence and prayer, work and community life.

The Postulancy

In this time we will assist you to deepen your understanding about the Christian life and doctrine. You will be trained also to integrate yourself into the community, to observe silence, to pray and to detach yourself from the world. This is an important period to know yourself better and to work on your character.

http://www.cruzios.org/english/images/vows.jpgThe Novitiate

The life in the Order begins with the novitiate. Together with your religious brothers you will come to a better understanding of your vocation to the Order, experience its manner of life, and form your mind and heart according the Order’s spiritualty.

At the end of the novitiate you can ask God and the Order for the great gift of the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity and obedience.

The Profession

Living your life as religious in fidelity to the gift of God will be your joy during your whole life. You can live in the Order as religious Brother, as Priest or as Helper. If God calls you still to priestly vocation, the philosophical and theological studies are in our seminary in Brazil.




A calling

Vocation is a calling, an attraction that God places into the heart of a young person: a desire to serve God, a preoccupation for the salvation of souls.
"The experience of this gracious love of God is so deep and so powerful that the person called senses the need to respond by unconditionally dedicating his or her life to God, consecrating to Him all things present and future, and placing them in His hands."
(St. John Paul II, VC 17)
In this, the Lord doesn’t consider so much the talents or weaknesses of a person, but He chooses freely whom He wants.
In religious life, we consecrate ourselves to God.  Through a life of the evangelical counsels chastity, poverty and obedience, we follow Jesus more closely. Consecrated people "strive to become one with Him, taking on His mind and his way of life. This leaving of everything and following the Lord (cf. Lk 18:28) is a worthy program of life for all whom he calls, in every age" (St. John Paul II, VC 18)



Dear youth!

"If you hear the Lord's call, do not reject it! Dare to become part of the great movements of holiness which renowned saints have launched in their following of Christ.
Cultivate the ideals proper to your age, but readily accept God's plan for you if he invites you to seek holiness in the consecrated life.
Admire all God's works in the world, but be ready to fix your eyes on the things destined never to pass away.
The Third Millennium awaits the contribution of the faith and creativity of great numbers of young consecrated persons, that the world may be made more peaceful and able to welcome God and, in him, all his sons and daughters."
(St. John Paul II; VC 106)


Dear parents!

"Give thanks to the Lord if he has called one of your children to the consecrated life.
It is to be considered a great honour — as it always has been — that the Lord should look upon a family and choose to invite one of its members to set out on the path of the evangelical counsels!
Cherish the desire to give the Lord one of your children so that God's love can spread in the world. What fruit of conjugal love could be more beautiful than this?
I pray that you, Christian families, united with the Lord through prayer and the sacramental life, will create homes where vocations are welcomed."
(St. John Paul II; VC 107)