Angel Stories


Angelic Alarm Clock

My daughter Kathy had to get up early the next day. As usual, I told her to pray to her Guardian Angel to wake her up in time. To make sure she doesn’t oversleep, Kathy slept on the sofa that night. She was hoping the morning light streaming through the living room windows would wake her up. Kathy prayed that she would wake up at 5:30 am.
The next morning, she felt someone pull her legs. Sleepily, she opened her droopy, heavy eyes and saw it was still dark. Thinking it was just a dream, she went back to sleep. Just as soon as she fell asleep, she felt her legs being tugged again. Still groggy with drowsiness, she forced her eyes open. But there was no one in the room. Sitting up on the sofa, she looked at the clock: it was 5:30 am!”
Kathy was not the only one who was waked up in time by her Guardian Angel. A priest told once: Every day my Guardian Angel wakes me up at time! When I have to get up at 5am, he wakes me up at 5am. When I have to wake up at 6:30am, he will wake me up at 6:30am! I don’t need an alarm clock!”
A saint who was roused from sleep by his Guardian Angel every single day was St. Raymond of Pennafort.

His Guardian Angel saved Pope Pius IX.

Pope Pius IX. loved telling a story that took place when he was a young boy. He served daily at Holy Mass as altar server. One day he was kneeling at the lowest step at the altar, while the priest was celebrating Holy Mass, suddenly anguish overcame him and he started to worry. He didn’t know why. His heart beat got faster. Looking for help, he looked over to the opposite side of the altar. A young man was there, waving him to come over. Disturbed by this apparition, he didn’t dare to move. But the shining person insistently waved again. So he jumped up and hurried to the other side. The young man disappeared. In the same moment, a heavy statue of a saint fell down from the altar, exactly on that place that the altar boy just had had left.
The Guardian Angel had saved the life of the boy, whom God called later to be the successor of St. Peter: the Holy Father. Often the boy told this story later as priest and bishop and finally as pope, and praised the wonderful guidance of his Guardian Angel. Without the Angel’s help, the boy would have died and never become a great pope!

Saved from hold up during the night

It was late in the evening when my colleague Lani and I were walking along the side street going home. While we were walking and chatting there came a motorcycle with two young men on it. They were asking the way to the main road. We told them the way but they kept on asking more questions that made us stop, until such time I noticed that the other guy at the back got something in his bag, I saw, it was a long sharp knife. So Lani and I began to run fearfully and shuddering badly; we were afraid to go back home. We were able to escape those two guys who tried to harm us, but still frightened to go back home, what we prayed to our guardian angels to send someone to rescue us. Interestingly, within a few minutes I saw my cousin on his motorcycle passing. He gave us a ride back home, and thanks God we got home safely. Now I could testify that angels really exist. We all need to be close and be friendly with our guardian angel and he will not hesitate to be with us always. JOPLYN, CEBU

"Angel, Angel, hold me!" How to control my temper

Being close to my Angel is one of the best gifts that God has given to me. Since I know my Angel and Mama Mary, I learned to lower my temper and to control myself; and I learn many, many things about God. I was a ‘bad boy’; I had a strong temper. Often I got involved in some fights because of that. One time, when my temper went up and I was about to fight with my classmate, some voice was talking at the back of my mind and saying: ‘Please, please, don’t hurt him!’ and this always happened to me when I was about to be involved in fights. From that time on I became devoted to praying the rosary and calling to my Angel, and because of this devotion, my life became better!” REYMARK, CEBU

"Angels Really Exists saved in the last second!"

 I was 12 years old when this unpleasant incident happened to me. My sister-in-law ask me to buy something at the store. So went by bike to the store, and went home in a haste and as soon as I crossed the wide road, there came a truck that almost hit me, and praise God, the truck stopped and I was right in front of it. I looked at the driver and I was so frightened. The driver shouted at me, why I'm not careful. When I was at the walkway I felt that I'm with somebody who tried to help me, and I thought of my Guardian Angel. It must be him who saved my life from that danger. Since then I really believe that Angels exist and are ready to help me any time I need them. As a young girl, I didn't believe in angels until that experience. In that moment I realized that making friends with an angel is a good way to be close to them. Since that time I always communicate with my angel as my real and trusted friend. MARY SARIEL, CEBU

"My guardian angel as my teacher, instructor and a friend"

These are my experiences with my guardian angel. Every time our teacher gives us an examination I never hesitate to ask the help of my guardian angel especially if I’m not ready and did not study my lessons. I asked him to tell our teacher to give us a chance to review a little and guide me during the examination and our teacher granted what I asked my angel for.
So after the examination I was amazed because I got perfect score which I never expected. I could really prove that my guardian angel helped me every time I ask help from him. He grants everything I ask from him as long as it is for my own good. I always talk to him and tell him everything in my heart all my worries and all the good things happen to me.
I really thank God for giving me a true friend who is always with me in times of need, who protects me always. A true friend that guides me on my journey here on earth. "Thank you for everything and I thank God for having you as my guardian angel." MERCY ANN, CEBU

"Suddenly the policeman changed his mind"

One day, I was on the way to work with my friend. We were very late. We saw a jeepney that we could take to our working place, but it was a non-stopping area. But the driver stopped and allowed us to hop in, knowing that we were in a hurry. But a traffic officer saw the violation and stopped the jeepney driver. The driver just humbly accepted the consequence and his driver license was confiscated. We felt very guilty (I and my friend). Because of us, the poor driver lost his license and would have to pay for the violation. So, I started praying wholeheartedly asking my guardian angel to tell the officer’s guardian angel to give the driver a second chance and return his license. I believe that my guardian angel did what I asked him, because when we were about to leave, the driver’s wife who was sitting in front, wondered why someone was calling her husband. It was the traffic officer trying to return the license of the said driver. Out of joy the driver touched and kissed the crucifix on his rosary which hang on the jeepney’s rear view mirror. Maybe the driver was also praying. One thing I know for sure that it was my guardian angel who was responsible for that little miracle! Thank you, Angel! NATHANIEL, CEBU

"Well done, holy Angel!"

One day, I went to the house of a friend of mine to borrow a cell phone charger. When I was leaving the house again, he asked me if I could hear still his grandmother’s confession. She was of good spirits, wasn’t sick, but weak. I heard her confession, gave the absolution and left the house. In the next morning, he came to me and told me that unexpectedly his grandmother died just a few hours after I had left. They didn’t expect this, I’m sure that the Guardian Angel of that grandmother arranged that I needed to borrow a cell phone charger, inspired the grandson to ask for confession and his grandmother to confess. So she was prepared for the calling of the Lord. The angel knew, that God would call her soon! FATHER LOWBAT, Manila

"You Saved My life"

An unforgettable experience with my guardian angel. It was during my high school years when I really experienced that I have a guardian angel. During lunch break, I crossed the street to buy food. In that moment, I was hit by a car from the back, I was scared, because I heard that the driver abruptly hit the breaks. I thought it was over. But miraculously, I didn't have any bruises or anything. I knew and I felt that somebody pushed me so that I wouldn't be hit heavily and injured or even die. And I believe that it was my guardian angel who helped me. From that moment I always seek the help of my angel, asking him to guide, protect, guard and admonish me in everything I do." ARTHUR, Cebu

"My guardian angel as my healer"

This testimony is about my guardian angel and my daughter’s Guardian Angel. It was November of 2008. That very night my daughter fell asleep quickly and I finished my kitchen chores and was about to prepare myself for sleep, I heard my daughter talking and she was restless due to high fever. I checked her temperature and it reached to 41 degrees centigrade. I searched in our medicine cabinet, but there was no medication to lower her fever. The drugstores around were all closed already. So in order to alleviate her fever my husband and I took turns in wiping her with towel soaked in water. Still the fever didn’t go down. We decided to pray over my daughter and ask our angels to help us. We prayed many chaplets Chaplet of Our Lady of All Nations, chaplet of the Divine Mercy which my daughter is singing with us too. Lastly we prayed the Angel of God with her, although she was not feeling well, a miracle happened: her temperature lowered to 37 degrees. And all of us then had a good night’s sleep. The following day we still saw a doctor and found out that she was a bit anemic but she was fine. We really thank our guardian angel for protecting us. GERALDINE, CEBU

"My guardian angel as my negotiator"

It was November 2008 when we found out that my Papa was suffering from a bladder cancer. When we learned about his illness, our financial problem got more intense, that it reached the point that we had to take out my father from the hospital because of financial incapability. When we decided to take him out of the hospital, we found out that his hospital bill was so high that we were unable to pay. So my mom and I went home without knowing where to get this big amount of money to pay the hospital bill. We tried to ask help for a loan but no one trusted us. So my mom was very upset and worried about everything because if we still stay for another day in the hospital our bill would raise because my father stayed in ICU. That day I asked my mom to go home and take a nap because I felt that she was really depressed. I also didn’t know what to do. I thought of my guardian angel and asked help from him to give us a person that could help us in our financial situation, after five minutes the phone rang, and it was a person who wanted to help us in our financial problem. He offered to us the exact amount that we needed for the hospital bill of my father. I thank my guardian angel for the rescue; we were able to pay the bill and brought my father home. MARILOU, CEBU

"Calm him down, my Angel!"

My story starts in the church: One night after the Holy Mass, my best brother and a strange guy had an argument. They called each other names, and the quarrel ended up in a fight. I tried to calm them down but my brother did not listen and even warned me that if I would not stop he would hurt me. The other guy left and went home, but my brother followed him. I think my brother was badly offended by that guy. I couldn’t do anything so I just stayed in one corner and prayed to God and suddenly I thought of my Angel. I told my angel My ANGEL please tell the angel of my brother to please let him calm down, and suddenly the conflict between the two was over. There are times that if things are unbearable I tried to ask help from God to send His Holy Angel to protect, govern, and instruct me. EURIKA, Cebu

My Angel brought my cellphone back

One day, I was on a mission for the holy Angels. By tricycle, I went home in the evening, but I didn't notice that my cellphone fell out of my pocket, when I took out my wallet to pay the fare. I went inside the house, and noticed that my cell phone was missing. Did it fall out before I got into the tricycle, or inside the tricycle or afterwards? I searched on the way, but didn't find it. The tricycle driver had left already. I borrowed another cell phone and texted to my number, to please return it, if someone would find it. I prayed to my Guardian Angel to bring the cellphone back, since I needed it badly for the mission, and all the contact numbers where saved on that cell phone. I said: "Holy Angel, I work for you, now you have to work for me!" After fifteen minutes, I received a text message from my cell phone: "Sir, I'm here at the mall, I found your cell phone, please get it here, I will wait for you." I just said: "Thank you, my dear Angel!" After thirty minutes I had my cell phone back and thanked the honest person. FR. EUSEBIUS ORC