Angelus Youth

What is Angelus Youth?


Angelus Youth is a prayer movement in the Philippines to unite youth in prayer, revive the prayer of the Angelus among youth, pray for vocations to the religious life and the priesthood and promote the devotion to the Guardian Angels.
It was founded January 2008 by the Order of the Holy Cross, and reached 150,000 members in 2016. Youth from different provinces in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao belong to it.Being confronted with many challenges and exposed to many temptations, our young peopletoday need a clear spiritual and moral education to become able to make decisions that are guided by God.The holy Angels, as messengers of God, are present in their lives, but once a youth is aware of this loving care, will be able to give a committed answer to the Lord, and serve Him and our society wherever the Lord wants in the Church.



Angelus Youth has three commitments:

  1. Pray the Angelus at least once daily for all members of Angelus Youth and their vocation;
  2. Foster a friendship and devotion to the Guardian Angel;
  3. Be an angel to others.

How is Angelus Youth promoted?

Angelus Youth is promoted in youth groups, parishes, schools, colleges and universities. Involving a simple prayer commitment only, it does not organize meetings.
In their visits to schools, the ORC priests and volunteer helpers explain the task of the Angels in our daily lives, especially in the challenges of our time, and invite the youth to develop the same charity that marks an Angel, towards their fellow youth. Many youths are aware of the existence of their Guardian Angels, but through a deepening of the biblical and traditional understanding of the mission of the Angels, can profit much more from their help in daily lives.
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