The Opus Angelorum (OA) – Work of the Holy Angels is an international association of the Catholic Church for all states of life.  Its members seek to collaborate more intimately with the holy Angels and profit more from their supernatural help, because the holy Angels are "ministering spirits sent to serve, for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation" (Heb 1:14). This communion with the holy Angels will help us to deepen our knowledge about GOD and our love for Him, and strengthen our faith and fidelity. After the example of the holy Angels, we want to contribute to the building up of the kingdom of God and the salvation of souls.


The Opus Angelorum is founded on the unconditional readiness to serve God with the help of the holy Angels and has as its goal the renewal of the spiritual life in the Church.  This service of God and spiritual renewal of the church is accomplished primarily in the so-called “fundamental directions” of adoration, contemplation, expiation and mission (apostolate).

"As in the vision of Jacob’s ladder (God’s messengers going up and down on the ladder) (Gen 28:12), the holy Angels are energetic and tireless messengers who connect heaven to earth…  Men have to develop their spiritual ear in order to hear and understand this angelic language which prompts good words, holy sentiments, acts of mercy, charitable behaviour, and edifying relationships."
(Comp. Cat. p.188, Picture Commentary)



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